Thursday, July 26, 2012

Increase Web Site Traffic By Learning Seo Strategies

For  businesses, presence on the web is mainly the initial target in the middle of the stiff competition. One thing to remember is not to cross link your pages and to always link up from the bottom (root domain) to the top. Once your site is easier to locate in the web, it is a safe bet that there will be a significant change in the amount of visits from potential customers that your site can get. They are mainly consisted of higher search engine rankings on major search engines, increased website visibility, keyword relevancy, increased website traffic, higher sales volumes, timely revenue generation, cost effective online marketing, competitive edge, and longer business identity development. The web is also full of misinformation about this topic. This can be achieved through effective link building, which requires you to create connections to other sites that have similar content to that of your site.

In other words, it gives a website a thumbs up to the search engine crawler in a friendly way. All you have to do is to do your best research so that you may be able to get the best search engine optimization possible. The truth of the matter is that search engine optimization is not a thing that provides you instant results. One of the most important parts of setting up your site is through proper site navigation. How this works is that search engines find your website or webpage through the use of different indexing programs, such as crawlers or spiders that basically follows all links that lead to your site or page and downloads copies of it as it goes. What this means for those on the third or higher page is no traffic. And that takes time. Of course, the downside to this is that it takes time to find the latest information.

These inbound links work best if the websites linking to you are relevant to your main focus. Without question search engine optimization is important for any person or entity wanting to increase their ranking with the search engines. In fact, it needs your sheer planning, organization, and execution to get the job done the right way. Examining their approach usually automatically gives you ideas about how you can improve on their pitch and make it better. Many examples of famous copywriting by well-known gurus are available to study for free online, but I would caution you against buying every single course without doing your do diligence. Also because of your budget, you may not be able to hire someone else to do tasks you don't have the need or want to complete yourself. Just Remember, the wrong articles, pots, etc. can leave you with little traffic and really low search engine rankings if they do not fit in properly with either your niche or with keywords that are simple to attain high rankings for.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Telesales Tips From The Trenches, Part One

You look out your window and see your neighbors pull out of driveway and begin the long trek through to get to their job. With coffee in hand you feel a sense of elation that you don’t have to deal with the headaches of driving to work and watching woman put on their makeup while they drive and men trying to scarf down that delicious Burger King egg and sausage croissant while listening to the radio and yelling at the other drivers. You start to slowly sit down and sift through your e-mail slightly glancing at the clock to see that it’s almost 8:00 a.m. You think to yourself, “I have one hour to muster up the strength and pick up that phone!” It is now 3 hours later; the e-mail has been checked and double checked; the dog has been walked…twice. Now two cups of coffee are flowing through your body and you feel alive fully knowing that lunch is right around the corner. Then that little voice in your head tells you to stop screwing off and pick up the phone and start calling! “Nah, I’ll get to that after lunch.”
Joe Catal has done a great job at debunking some of the myths about telemarketing. In his book, aptly named, “Telesales Tips From The Trenches: Secrets Of a Street-Smart Salesman.” he provides a no holds barred approach to picking up that infamous phone!
Here’s a little secret you may not know. Telemarketing doesn’t suck; it’s the pending feeling of rejection that sucks! As a new insurance agent you should expect to be rejected a minimum of 100 times a week, and that’s if you’re doing real well.
I’m a naturally motivated type of guy. You tell me something negative and I’m immediately thinking how I can turn it into a positive. Joe takes a similar approach to how he handles himself on the phone by:
Averaging 100+ calls per day since 1985 and hearing over 350,000 No’s.
Throughout the book Joe provides real life stories (my favorite) and examples about how to write an effective opening; answer objections without sounding superfluous or ignorant; techniques to find hot leads and steal accounts (another one of my favorites), while laying a strong foundation by asking the right question and ASKING for the order when the time is right.
His thoughts about time management and techniques to increase the effectiveness of listening were entertaining and insightful.
The customer should be talking 75% of the time…NEVER interrupt a person while they’re talking.
Raise your hand if you’ve ever interrupted another person when they were in the middle of talking. Did you feel that awkward moment where you both wait about 2 seconds and speak at the same time? Next time, keep the mouth shut and if you do happen to interrupt, count to 5 in your head.
The material in his book does come off very strong, but I’ve noticed an increased level of confidence and control after implementing some of this strategies.
In conclusion, some of the material is not worth reading if you cannot control the pricing of your products, nor negotiate said product. However, I do give this book 5 stars and highly recommend you pick up a copy, grab a highlighter and implement some of the material IMMEDIATELY! You can pick up a copy by clicking on the link above or to the right in the section entitled, “My Favorites.”
In Part Two, I’ll share my input about how I was able to overcome my apprehension about telemarketing, as well as recommend a few tricks I’ve learned that reduce my stress and help me to feel more comfortable on the phone.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advanced Web Ranking Review

Whether you own one website, or you have a number of them, you want the best rankings possible. You have probably spent plenty of time analyzing your website rankings, seeing where you stand in the search engines.
However, analyzing your rankings take a lot of time if you're doing it manually, and most plugins and websites have faults. One day you're listed as the third spot on the first page, the next you're listing six pages in, and then next week you might be on page two. If you're going to have a successful website, or group of websites, you need to know exactly where you stand.
That's why seo software is very important to track your rankings. Advanced Web Ranking has been designed to help you rank for the right kinds of keywords. Why should you invest in this, when there are so many free tools out there? Let's highlight a few key features:
Plugins and websites are great, but what happens when you upgrade your browser, or the website goes down? You're stuck, and you have to wait for a fix. Advanced Web Ranking doesn't have that problem. It's actual downloadable software, compatible for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Regardless of the type of computer, there's a version for you, that you can launch and run, even if it's patch day for your favorite browser.
Keyword Research
Most people will agree that keyword research is one of the most important things that can be done to help a website succeed. We also know that good keyword research can be time consuming and tedious, depending on how you do it. Advanced Web Ranking has come up with a way to help reduce the time and tedium: a built in keyword research tool.
It's not just using the Google Keyword tool either, the software uses multiple APIs to conduct research, so you're not limited to just one type. Also, it interfaces with SEMRush to help suggest keywords, and Google Webmaster Tools, so you can import your keywords.
Keyword Analysis
Ultimately, you need keyword analysis if you're ever going to find out if your keyword choices are any good. Advanced Web Ranking has built in keyword analysis, to help you see if you're on the right track. You can either compare 2 pages side by side, like yours and your competitors, or you could do the same page on two different days to track keyword optimization changes.
On-Page Optimization
Website rankings rely a lot on optimization, and Advanced Web Ranking wouldn't be any good if it didn't come with an on-page optimization analyzer. Thankfully, the creators have thought of it all, and there is a great one. The optimizer performs it's analysis based on seven categories: rankings, meta tags, body text, links, title tags, domain name, and other things. Once it's done analyzing the site, it gives you a ranking out of 1000. In addition, it also gives suggestions on how to improve that ranking. No more getting a score and wondering what you need to improve, this software spells it out for you. And, it even keeps a copy of the analysis for later, so you can compare the old version with newer version to see where things have changed.
Advanced Web Ranking offers many features in addition to the few reviewed here, and has 4 levels of support and features, making it affordable for developers and small business owners alike. It comes with a free 30 day trial period, so you can see if it's the right software for you, making it very low risk.
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