Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Using Software To Maximize Your Business

I apologize that it has taken me some time to get back with all of you. I'm currently working on a project that has been keeping me busy after business hours and I haven't had time to post any new reviews.

You will notice that I have changed the look of the blog by adding a few links on the right side of my blog. I have used or currently use some of the products. Vista is great for affordable print work and their very competitive and reliable. At the very least their website should give your some ideas about things you can buy to market your agency.

One of the key methods you can employ to protect your business from being stolen by your competitors is to ensure that you explain why you're recommending a particular product, so another agent cannot come in from behind you and steal the account by talking your client into buying an inferior plan. This can and does happen!

Secondly, sending out a monthly or quarterly newsletter is important because it allows your clients to get to know you better, while providing you with a medium to advertise additional services that might benefit your clients. Here' s a small tidbit of information you should think about when drafting a newsletter. Even though I know you LOVE talking about insurance just as much as me, the other 99.9% of the population would rather experience an IRS audit. Do your best to differentiate yourself from the traditional agent by adding "value" to your by thinking outside the box. The key is to find a way to write a quality publication that your readers look forward to receiving and want to share with their friends a family. Here is an example newsletter that one of my friends send his clients. You'll notice that Al actually tries to engage his readers in a conversational way vs. the standard clinical, "Insurance rates are going up in 2 months, so you should feel fortunate to have bought a policy from me XXXX months of ago" newsletters I have read.

I'm obsessed with macaroni and cheese and once included a recipe for the best Mac' N ' Cheese I have had the privilege to eat. You definitely don't' want to eat it every week, but oh man is it good! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. If you're interested in the recipe follow this link. I like to add some Maryland crab meat or clams to the dish, and put in half a cup of sour cream. Let me know what you think of the recipe if you try it out. It goes great with a nice steak (medium rare please).

I'm almost finished with my latest book and I cannot wait to share it with you. It's not your traditional sales books per say, but I know you'll find it useful and can use the material to increase the effectiveness of your sales and keep yourself positive.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What Is Affiliate Marketing Really All About?

There may be several other factors that contribute to the success of your affiliate marketing site, but good quality content tops the list. It's very similar to insurance sales in the sense of the distribution funnels for various products. Because you probably keep track of your current clients along with prospective buyers, you are able to monetize from that list utilizing various products you think they might benefit from buying. That's why it's import to set up sales funnels. A satisfied customer is always the best promoter of the product. For example, Offer Value has a search feature where you input a specific category (e.g.,insurance) and it will display numerous offers for that niche that you could sell. 

Once you find something that may interest you the affiliate network will provide a special link for you to start promoting the affiliate product of your choice. Perhaps an unobtrusive ad is better than a flamboyant one for your viewers. You need to generate traffic to your blogs and you can do this by writing your articles and posting content on your blog. The more targeted traffic you can direct to the sales page the more your chances are of making money. Those who do will not only waste a great deal of time, but some have also spent and wasted a great deal of money as well.

Would you like to make more money online? While you may need traffic, a lot of these programs do not offer nearly as many targeted leads or referrals as they claim and of these many of them are unattended surf-for-profit site rotators which are often not even viewed by the member who is surfing their requisite number of websites in order to compound their earnings. When you pick your affiliate marketers know your audience. This is VERY IMPORTANT! Until next time....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Telesales Tips Fom The Trenches, Part Two

Ring Ring...

Prospect: Hello!

Agent: Hi, this is John Smith with ABC Insurance.

Prospect: I'm not interested. Click.

Agent: Hello, you still there?

Have you ever had one of these days? If not, you're probably in denial or have better luck than me.

I recently provided a review of Joe Catal's book and it's now time for the fun part. If you're serious about telemarketing this is one book that needs to be in you library!
I’m not a big fan of telemarketing, but it does work and is an excellent way to get yourself off the ground when you’re new. I recently entered my 2nd year of business and anticipate that I will be cold calling for at least 1-2 more years. I’ve had to find ways to feel comfortable on the phone and I learn best by trial by fire and various behavioral and psychological techniques I’ve picked up. Later down the road I’ll provide a review for one book that compliments Joe’s work. Here is what I’ve learned in the last 2 years of cold calling.
Rule # 1: Cold calling doesn’t suck, you suck. If you’re sales manager said that to you would you get pissed off and come up with excuse or show that person he’s wrong. I’m competitive and would choose the latter.
Rule # 2: Whoever invented the term cold calling is an idiot and did not understand the power of persuasion and psychology. I prefer to and say I’m telemarketing or teleprospecting. I do not like to use negative words and have no patience for negative people. I tolerate it because that’s life, but your ability to perceive and feel good about what you’re doing has a direct impact on your results. A self-fulfilling prophecy can be positive or negative. .
Rule # 3: A lead to me is a name, phone number, set time, set place and set date where a prospect and I have agreed to spend 10 minutes to discuss the potential to work together. (HINT: This is another way of saying I need to qualify this prospect so I don’t waste time or energy)
Rule # 4: You’re either a business person or you own a business. Which one are you?
Rule # 5: Stand up when you talk. (NOTE: Purchase a headset)
Rule #6: Set daily goals and do not stop until you reach them.
Without rehashing everything Joe went into here’s a summary of the top points I took from his book.
- Do not do personal things when you should be working (e.g., checking e-mail, talking with a friend, etc.)
- Track all of your calls and call for 45 minutes out of every hour and use the other 15 for paperwork.
- Record your calls to learn what is working and what needs to be changed (NOTE: Check state laws about recording before you accidentially commit a felony)
- Understand that everybody has a different personality and you need to match your tone, speed and pace with everybody on an individual basis.
- Be patient, shut up and ask questions. NEVER interrupt somebody unless you’re on fire!
- There should be a ratio of 10:1 You vs. I’s. The prospect could care less about you and needs to know what’s in it for them.
- Explain what you and your product can do for them. People buy benefits, not
- Get rid of words that do not add anything to the call and substitute more effective words (e.g., Take the word just and get rid of it; Do not say cost or premium…say investment)
- If somebody wants you to send information to them, be specific about what type of information they need and DO NOT END THE CALL until you agree about the next step. If there is no agreement do not waste your time!
- Always follow through with what you say and make sure you take IMMEDIATE action if you drop the ball. It’s better to look forgetful than incompetent.
-Don’t sell, solve problems.
I've been using a program that has helped me design, implement and track various marketing campaigns that does not entail telemarketing. The upcoming software review will save you at least $200-$400 on marketing costs that could be best utilized elsewhere. I'm very excited about this software program and after thinking things over I've decided to provide a review. The information will be up within the next couple of days. Until next time.
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