Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Rumble.

I've received some great feedback about my book reviews and implementation strategies Ironically, most of the feedback focused more on cold calling and developing methods to produce the best results.One of my main methods I use to reach my goals is to track my progress and look at it everyday. The reason why I force myself to track my sales efforts is because it paints a clear picture about how well I'm doing and what needs to be fixed. The numbers on the spreadsheet are simply for illustrative purposes and do not reflect my stats. I'd love to get to $25,000 AV a week though and think that's possible without enough hard work, experience and discipline.

I hope the document helps.

I'll be posting the next book review shortly. Originally I wanted to write a review about one of my ALL TIME favorite sales books that encompassing everything, but since I've received a lot of feedback on telemarketing, I'll review one book I recommend that has helped me increase my confidence and telemarketing efforts.

Be Safe.

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