Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advanced Web Ranking Review

Whether you own one website, or you have a number of them, you want the best rankings possible. You have probably spent plenty of time analyzing your website rankings, seeing where you stand in the search engines.
However, analyzing your rankings take a lot of time if you're doing it manually, and most plugins and websites have faults. One day you're listed as the third spot on the first page, the next you're listing six pages in, and then next week you might be on page two. If you're going to have a successful website, or group of websites, you need to know exactly where you stand.
That's why seo software is very important to track your rankings. Advanced Web Ranking has been designed to help you rank for the right kinds of keywords. Why should you invest in this, when there are so many free tools out there? Let's highlight a few key features:
Plugins and websites are great, but what happens when you upgrade your browser, or the website goes down? You're stuck, and you have to wait for a fix. Advanced Web Ranking doesn't have that problem. It's actual downloadable software, compatible for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Regardless of the type of computer, there's a version for you, that you can launch and run, even if it's patch day for your favorite browser.
Keyword Research
Most people will agree that keyword research is one of the most important things that can be done to help a website succeed. We also know that good keyword research can be time consuming and tedious, depending on how you do it. Advanced Web Ranking has come up with a way to help reduce the time and tedium: a built in keyword research tool.
It's not just using the Google Keyword tool either, the software uses multiple APIs to conduct research, so you're not limited to just one type. Also, it interfaces with SEMRush to help suggest keywords, and Google Webmaster Tools, so you can import your keywords.
Keyword Analysis
Ultimately, you need keyword analysis if you're ever going to find out if your keyword choices are any good. Advanced Web Ranking has built in keyword analysis, to help you see if you're on the right track. You can either compare 2 pages side by side, like yours and your competitors, or you could do the same page on two different days to track keyword optimization changes.
On-Page Optimization
Website rankings rely a lot on optimization, and Advanced Web Ranking wouldn't be any good if it didn't come with an on-page optimization analyzer. Thankfully, the creators have thought of it all, and there is a great one. The optimizer performs it's analysis based on seven categories: rankings, meta tags, body text, links, title tags, domain name, and other things. Once it's done analyzing the site, it gives you a ranking out of 1000. In addition, it also gives suggestions on how to improve that ranking. No more getting a score and wondering what you need to improve, this software spells it out for you. And, it even keeps a copy of the analysis for later, so you can compare the old version with newer version to see where things have changed.
Advanced Web Ranking offers many features in addition to the few reviewed here, and has 4 levels of support and features, making it affordable for developers and small business owners alike. It comes with a free 30 day trial period, so you can see if it's the right software for you, making it very low risk.

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