Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How To Learn SEO And How To Further Develop Your Website

First you need to analyze your business as a whole then delve into what marketing you are currently doing and analyze what is and isn't working. Only then can you plan its aim, no. You need to learn affiliate marketing before you actually make it a means to earn money. Evaluating your objectives may lead you to a better decision but you should at least know some of the basic facts before determining what to complete yourself or outsource.

Find a trade off between the two, you doing your own SEO work vs outsourcing tasks you have no desire to do yourself. Figure out who your competitors are and then see what their backlink profile looks like.  This can vary from vertical to vertical, and most importantly, it will establish a baseline for you to compete. Another commonly used way is to build backlinks to your website using the knowledge gained from a backlink analysis.  As you gain experience you will learn about what shortcuts you can employ to rank faster, but this requires time and money with CONSISTENT FAILING of what does and doesn't work.

 Always verify information across various mediums and then test it yourself to determine what's right.  There is a lot of misinformation out there and testing is the only way to know exactly what is right. Part of the seo school bus, is actually doing the work yourself and setting specific goals of what you want to achieve. Only then should you consider what to outsouce if it's in your budget. If you need additional help learning seo the search engine is you friend, however, Seomoz is pretty good. 

Here's a quick tip. Blogging can be a good way of attracting visitors to your website. To often website owners focus on generating as much content as possible, but fail to recognize the need to have QUALITY content.  Think of some problems you can help solve and craft posts, articles, inforgraphics, etc. to help people SOLVE the problem.

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