Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Affiliate Marketing Company Should I Join

Choosing the right affiliate marketing company really boils down to what type of product you want to promote, as well as the payout of the particular product.  You should ask questions first before joining any program in order to determine if they are a good fit.  Such questions might be;

- Does it cost anything to join the program?
-What forms of payment do they accept (for buyers) and how do they payout (checks, wire transfer, paypal, etc.)
-What is the hit per sale ratio?
This is typically the average number of hits (view or clicks) to a banner or text link it takes to generate a sale
-Do they have any ongoing sales promotion features (banners, email templates, etc.)
 -How are clicks (visitor engagement) from an affiliate's site tracked and for how long do they remain in the system? This will tell you about cookie length and any issues that might pop up.
- Does the affiliate company pay pay for the hits and impressions in addition to any sales?
 -Lastly, what is the amount of commission paid?
Depending up the program you could get anywhere from 5% - 50% on the sale amount of they might also pay on a PPL (pay per lead-sound familiar) If you find a products also paying for impressions, the amount paid is not much at all.
-Lastly, what other companies offer commissions for the same product. You might find an affiliate company paying less than the competitors without any gained benefit. 

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